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We did it!!!  No Buy February is now bye-bye.  Phew!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but this last week was torture.  Especially with various sales starting that gave me a serious case of FOMO.

But we got through unscathed—for the most part.  If you broke down and bought a few things, don’t give yourself a hard time.  This whole challenge was really aimed at making us more mindful about the purchases we do make.

Now the reigns are off.  We are free to go back to our regularly scheduled spending.  But let’s not lose our minds over it!  The first thing I wanted to do as soon as the clock struck midnight on March 1st was shop.  Though I also did not want to blow through my monthly budget in a matter of hours.

So, here are three tips to help us ease our way back into consumerism, while still keeping that mindfulness from No Buy February.


What were all the things you wanted to purchase in February but didn’t?  Are there any sales starting now that you want to shop?  Think of the exact items that are on your wish list and then put them into just that—a list.

I’ve already done this, and it has helped me see exactly what items I want and what items I really want.  Instead of just hitting up the websites and stores and purchasing what makes me happy right on the spot, a list helps prioritize what you really want.

Here’s the thing, we know we are going to spend money.  At least I know I am!  I can only practice restraint for so long.  But if we are going to spend that money, we should at least be smart about how we spend it.

When I make a list, I sometimes realize just how silly an item really is.  Even though the moment I saw that multi-colored faux fur coat I was convinced I couldn’t live without it.  Now, when compared with all of the other things I want, suddenly it might not look so much like a must-have.

Note: this is not an indictment on multi-colored faux fur coats.  They are fabulous.  Carry on.


For the past month we have been shopping our closets and that meant getting reacquainted with all of the items we already own.  We’ve had to try new outfit combinations while styling the same piece in a variety of ways.

So, as you took stock in everything you do have was there anything missing?  I already shared my 12 wardrobe staples, perhaps you need something from that list.  Or maybe one of your staple pieces needs to be replaced.

Now is the time to make those purchases.

For me, the biggest item I found was missing from my closet was a pair of ankle-high rain boots.  I have my winter snow boots and my knee-high Hunter boots, but with all the slushy weather we had in February I found myself desperately wanting something in between.

So, this will be my first post-No Buy February purchase.  And I feel really good about it because I know I need it and will use it often.  Though hopefully not too often because I’m so over slushy weather!


If in doubt, always sleep on it.  If the item is part of a sale that’s ongoing or one you don’t think is in danger of selling out, put it in your online cart and walk away from the computer.  Or if you’re actually in the store, set it down and leave the premises.  (But don’t just throw it anywhere.  I worked at the Gap for five years in high school and college.  You don’t need to be an animal.)

Go on with the rest of your day but think about whether or not you really need that particular item.  Will it enhance the wardrobe you already have?  How many different outfits can you create with it?  Does it make you happy?

If you wake up the next morning and still can’t stop thinking about it, go buy it.  But if there was any nagging voice questioning the practicality or purpose, then set it free.  Empty your cart and move on to something that might actually improve your overall wardrobe.

Now go have fun with your new-found spending freedom!  And let me know what your first purchases will be in the comments below!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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