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The Big Reality Of Making A Big Life Change

Whether it's a new career, added side hustle, new relationship status, big move, or any other major life change, the process is NOT easy. Especially when we're right in the middle of it. That's why I'm continuing to share my entrepreneurial journey long before the finished product.

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What I Really Wore: Week of 10.14

Fall is definitely now in full swing here in New York City so last week was all about sweater weather and leather weather!

Hi, I'm laura

I used to consider myself a very private person.  But once I realized that my personal experiences had the chance to be relatable to other women, I said so long to the fear of speaking my truth.

My life up to this point has not gone the way I expected when I was much younger, and that’s actually a great thing.

The Life Actually Company was created to help women celebrate who and where they are – right here, right now.

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Love Lessons

This series of posts highlights women who are owning their own timelines by telling their stories authentically. If you, yourself, are interested in being featured or know someone who may be worthy, please nominate her here.

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