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Gang, sometimes life just gets a little crazy.

Yesterday I realized the full extent of the crazy that has befallen mine.  I awoke to find that the most recent article I had posted in the Life category on this website had just disappeared off the top of the homepage.  Instead there was just a giant empty space with the tiny words, “No information available”.

Turns out, that only happens if a new article hasn’t been posted in 25 days.  Something my web developer and I never thought would happen, so it didn’t seem like a big deal during implementation.

Until it was!

I’ve actually had the beginning paragraphs of several articles written but I never got around to finishing them and posting.  I can give you a list of a ton of excuses, but the bottom line is this: I’m working on some very exciting things.

My goal with The Life Actually Company™ has always been to empower and encourage women to own their unique life paths.  Up to this point I’ve done that just by sharing my stories and my points of view. But there is so much more I can—and want to—do!

Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company Joseph Campbell Quote
Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company Joseph Campbell Quote

In order to start implementing all of the ideas that have been swimming around in my head for the last several months I needed to start working on the business side of things. You see, I can sit here and write or record videos all day long.  Telling my stories in a creative way is pretty much my jam.  It allows me to be creative while also helping other women to feel less alone in their lives and struggles.

It’s pretty awesome and it’s what inspires me every day.

But just writing out how you feel (no matter how well articulated) does not a business make. So, I’ve been hitting the books. There is so much I need to learn about running a business, selling services, making money, and growing and scaling.  It’s all been pretty overwhelming to me and, to be honest, I have been scared to start. I mean, if I actually start learning how to make this dream of mine come true then there are no more excuses.  And if there are no more excuses then I could possibly fail.  And nothing scares me more than failing.

Yeah, there have been plenty of stories I’ve told myself over the last few months.  

Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company Coffee Shop Where I've Been

But the one that finally beat out all the others is the story of my potential.  And not just the potential for me, but the potential for being a small part in the beginning of a big societal change.  There is no reason a woman should ever feel inadequate just because she hasn’t ticked off some social box by a certain age.  And the more we begin to support each other and tell our stories the closer we become to destroying those outdated norms that aren’t serving any of us.

So, yeah, I haven’t been posting as much lately because I’ve been busy trying to learn how to take over the world!

Okay, not quite (because running the world would be way too exhausting).  But I have spent all of my time gaining knowledge and developing a strategy and plan for my business going forward.

I’m not ready to announce anything just yet, but I felt I really needed to explain where the hell I’ve been!  Because I don’t want anyone to think I just created this little website to be a creative outlet that of which I could eventually get bored and abandon altogether.

Nope!  It’s the exact opposite.  I’m doubling down on this company.  And I can’t wait for all that’s ahead.

Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company Coffee Shop Where I've Been

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