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Here we go with a new weekly series that gets real about fashion. We've all seen enough pretty pictures of whimsical outfits that look amazing in our Instagram feeds but that would never translate to our actual lives.

I believe there is definitely a time and a place for those beautiful shots and looks. They provide inspiration and escapism. But to balance out the fantasy I also want to share the items I actually wear on a regular old Tuesday. Maybe you will find your own inspiration, see something you love, or just realize that no one is perfectly coiffed at all times. These pictures won't be perfect, most will be taken on an iPhone in front of my full length mirror, but they are real and what I actually wore on that particular day.

So, here we go! This is exactly what I wore last week.


Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company What I Really Wore Waverly Grey Maxi Dress

WHAT: Waverly Grey Maxi sundress (from Rent The Runway), Dolce Vita Cain Sandals, Ray Ban Round Sunglasses, Janessa Leone Hat (old)

WHERE: I wore this dress to work in my home office all day. I took the dog for a walk around lunchtime, which is when I wore the hat.

WHY: This was my first day back from vacation after spending the previous week at home in Minnesota with my family. I wasn't entirely ready to say goodbye to that vacay feel so I opted to wear this maxi sundress because it felt relaxed and comfortable. I also wore it while in Minnesota. It was also incredibly hot and humid on Monday, so something that was breathable and easy was exactly what I needed.



Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company What I Really Wore White Tee Denim Skirt

WHAT: J. Crew Factory T-Shirt, Levi's Denim Skirt (old)

WHERE: My Tuesday was very similar to my Monday, I worked from home and took the dog for a walk midday. I also had a video meeting in the afternoon.

WHY: My dad has begun chemotherapy treatments again and this was his first day of the first round. In order to support him we wear red on his treatment days. Oxford is wearing the actual #GeorgeTheWarrior T-shirts his colleagues made last year when he first underwent chemo. It was once again incredibly hot and humid in New York City, which is why I wasn't wearing the long sleeve tee. Instead, I opted for this white T-shirt that has "Amour" in red embroidery. Because my dad can use a little love right now.



Laura Behnke The Life Actually CompanyWhat I Really Wore Janessa Leone Rita

WHAT: FatFace Tunic (sold out), J. Crew Skirt (old), Dolce Vita Cain Sandals, Janessa Leone Rita Hat, Burberry Sunglasses

WHERE: Once again I worked from home.

WHY: It was still incredibly hot in the city, so I wanted to keep the outfit simple and wearable. I knotted the tunic top to make it less bulky and added the hat to protect my face from the sun on our midday dog walk.



Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company What I Really Wore & Other Stories Dress

WHAT: & Other Stories Sweater Dress, Zara Sandals, Staud Bag, Quay Sunglasses, Missoma London Necklace here and here

WHERE: I met friends for drinks at a casual bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and then caught up with Marc and a friend of his for dinner back in Brooklyn.

WHY: I just received this dress c/o & Other Stories and loved it! Even though it was still really hot I found the sweater material to not be too thick or uncomfortable in the heat. It was very breathable. It also felt put together while still being casual with flats for an informal night out.



Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company What I Really Wore Uniqlo Dress

WHAT: Uniqlo Dress (old), Hermes Oran Sandals, Joseph & Stacey Bag, & Other Stories Earrings, Quay Sunglasses

WHERE: I worked from home in the morning and then went to our gym's co-working space for the afternoon. There was a chance I was going to have a last minute meeting in the afternoon, but it was postponed.

WHY: Yup, it was still super hot and humid here so this look was all about staying as cool as possible. But I also wanted to look presentable if I did end up having a meeting in Manhattan. That meeting was ultimately postponed, but I needed something that would give me flexibility just in case. This dress is super easy during those hot summer days because it has a built in shelf bra. You literally put this dress on and go.


Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company What I Really Wore J. Crew Blouse

WHAT: J. Crew Blouse, Velvet by Graham and Spencer Pants, Hermes Oran Sandals, Monica Vinader Bracelet, Missoma London Necklace here here & here

WHERE: I wrapped up my work week in my home office but was planning to potentially meet Marc in Manhattan after work.

WHY: Since it was Friday and the weather was starting to turn cooler I happily pulled out a pair of pants! These are incredibly relaxed and comfy but look polished. I wanted to be comfortable while working from home but also dressed up enough to potentially meet Marc in Manhattan in the evening. He ended up coming home early so I never left Brooklyn, but once again, I wanted that versatility.


Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company What I Really Wore J. Crew dress Janessa Leone Maxime

WHAT: J. Crew Factory Dress (without the sash), Janessa Leone Maxime hat (old), Burberry Sunglasses

WHERE: We took the dog for a long walk in the afternoon.

WHY: It was a very laid back Saturday for us. After starting our day at the gym I didn't change into regular clothes until after noon so we could take the dog for a long walk. The weather was absolutely gorgeous but it was still warm in the sun, so this mini shirt dress worked well. I also now refuse to go on long walks without a hat in order to protect my face from the sun. I was then back in comfy clothes by 5:00 for a quiet night at home.


Laura Behnke The Life Actually Company What I Really Wore The Odell's Caftan

WHAT: Damsel + The Odell's Caftan, Janessa Leone Cezanne Hat, Hermes Oran Sandals, Clare V. Alice Tote, Quay Sunglasses, Monica Vinader Bracelet, Missoma London Necklace here and here

WHERE: We took the train up to Westchester to meet some friends for brunch and see their beautiful new house.

WHY: The weather was still pretty mild so I knew I would want the long sleeves, especially in the morning. I was able to roll them up as the day got warmer. It's also incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for catching the train and being comfy while also looking put together. I wore the hat while we were outside but otherwise went without.


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