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If I could get away with wearing some version of a casual white top and jeans every day, then I totally would. This is definitely my go-to "uniform".

I love the versatility of this VETTA top. It can be worn like this with the buttons in front, or the other way around with the buttons in back. And it's ethically and sustainably made. Even better!

I wore this outfit as I ran around Manhattan going to an appointment and taking care of some errands. I also almost got stuck in the subway and had to be evacuated. Thanks to a track fire we were forced to stop short of the 34th St. station and were then told to start walking between cars to the front of the train so we could evacuate. Thankfully, just before we reached the first car the fire was out and they were able to move the entire train into the station.

So, I've now lived in NYC almost nine years and still have never had to walk on the subway tracks. And I am very hopeful to keep it that way!

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