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By now you should be familiar with The Life Actually Company™ and its general mission. You are, after all, reading this!

Nearly two weeks ago we launched this company and celebrated that launch with a party in New York City. It was such a special night, especially for me, as I saw my vision turn into a reality. The evening was all about supporting women and female-founded businesses. I'll have much more on the amazing brands that joined us in the coming weeks!

The goal of TLAC is to empower and support women to embrace their own unique life path. I believe the best way to do this is by sharing our own stories. Through those stories we begin to feel a little less alone in our own struggles and challenges. There is no one way to live your life. And all of our stories prove just that. So, let's start talking and sharing. Because you aren't alone.

In the meantime, here's a look at the highlights from our launch party!

Video by Lin Pernille
Photos by Brittany Sturrett

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