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I’m not necessarily a night person, but I am most definitely not a morning person. So you know there had to be a very good reason to get myself out of bed long before the sun rose one day last week. Enter Rashad Jennings. He’s best known as a football player for the New York Giants, but on this morning he was a fitness instructor–or rather a Fhit-ness instructor.

Jennings has a mission. It’s not just to rack up the yards or stand in the endzone on game day, but, in his words, to leave a legacy. And on this early morning he was getting to work on the latter, playing the role of trainer for two classes at the Fhitting Room in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood. Not only did he get to meet some rabid Giants fans and share his love of physical fitness, but the proceeds benefited the Rashad Jennings Foundation.

Jennings’ foundation works to promote health and fitness for kids while providing mentorship to help make education fun.

Catching up with Rashad at the fhitting room (Flatiron District, NYC) and talking health, fitness, style and his foundation. The Rashad Jenning Foundation focuses on childhood sports and activities, mentoring and literacy.

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And this particular football player takes on his various roles with style. Jennings never disappoints with his red carpet and game day attire, and even used his passion for fashion to design a line of motivational t-shirts, all for the Rashad Jennings Foundation.

Oh yeah, he also kicked our butts in the circuit class. But in my own Lululemon top and Girlfriend Collective leggings, at least I stood a chance of looking good in the process.

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